Royal Canadian College of Organists, Calgary Centre

Promoting the Organ Community in Southern Alberta

Spirit Wind 2018 Festival

The Calgary Centre hosted the 2018 RCCO Organ Festival. Spirit Wind was a “celebration of the pipe organ and the people who play them, build them, and love them.”

Events included:

  • Concerts
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Student Academy - with Marnie Giesbrecht and Wendy Markosky
  • RCCO Convocation - with the premier of Light Through a Stained Glass Window by Garrett Krause (b. 1986)

Performers included:

  • Ryan Jackson, 2008 Godfrey Hewitt Scholarship Winner - with the premier of Mountain and Plain by Zachary Wadsworth (b. 1983)
  • Paul Halley
  • Neil Cockburn
  • Duo Majoya - with the premiere of Wind Riders of Alberta by Cary Ratcliff (b. 1953)

Organs featured included:

  • Casavant Opus 529 (1913) / 2336 (1956) (2001) - Knox United
  • The Ronald B. Bond Bach Organ, Ahrend Organ (2006) - Eckhardt-GramattĂ© Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
  • Gabriel Kney Opus 57 (1978) - Christ Church Elbow Park
  • The Carthy Organ, Casavant Opus 3623 (1986) - Jack Singer Concrt Hall

among many others.

See the full program: